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Welcome to the Real Estate Training Academy, we're glad you're here! Our mission is to empower real estate professionals, by making the licensing process as simple and fun as possible. A career in real estate is unrivaled by any other field, we want to get you off nd running as quickly as possible, while making sure you are setup for success. Once licensed, many students return and ask now what, we've got you covered, we also offer post licensing career development solutions. 


There are many different resources available to our students, beyond just the classroom textbooks. We want our classes to be as interactive and information as possible. Not only will you will hear from industry professionals, but you will have full access to all instructors and become part of our community, surpassing class graduation .  No matter your experience level, we value everyone's contribution.

The real estate training academy was founded by Marissa Pistritto. Never forgetting how tough it  was to get started in real estate, I promised that I would help anyone I could, because I would never forget what it felt like to need help. One of the first things I learned in business was "first find a mentor, then be a mentor". I live by this everyday. I promise that by joining us, we will prepare you for your career, your way. 

Professional credentials: 

Member Real Estate Educators Association 

Real Estate Broker

Real Estate Educator

Real Estate Coach / Trainer 





Marissa Pistritto, Owner


Kellyanne Koemp, Instructor


Sandy DaCosta, Instructor


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